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Russian Accessories Page
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Salut, Kiev-88 prism set
Prism Finder 45 degree non-metered
Ground glass back for Kiev-88, Salut
Magnifying hood
Extension tube 48mm
Extension tube 19mm

Mounting of size 19 & 48mm rings is half-groove bayonet "V" same with old Hasselblad ( but I'm not sure if those rings can be mounted on genuine Hasselblad ) and with Soviet Salut cameras. However, springblend aperture will work properly only with Salut-S and Kiev-88 cameras.

The items were made in February 1983 at Arsenal plant at Kiev city (former USSR).

The passport has a special table, which shows available distances of shooting for lenses Volna-3B and Vega-12B with this rings.

Magnifying hood 45 degree non-metered Prism Finder Ground glass back for Kiev88, Salut Extension tube 48mm Extension tube 19mm

Kiev prism set
45 degree TTL with spot meter
45 degree TTL with spot meter

Extension tubes M49 and M39

Light filters 62mm UV, yellow/ green/ skylight + Polarizer

Light filters

Different light filters

Manual Instructions
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Stereoattachment set SKF-1

Different inscriptions of "Kupava"

Viewfinder VU

Rangefinder for "Smena"

Leningrad-2, Leningrad-4
Leningrad-2 Leningrad-4

Universal canister for film development UPB-1A
   UPB-1A canister is intended for processing b&w and colour films 8, 16 and 35mm width, up to 15m length by the reversal negative process.
   You can process either one of 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, two of 8mm and 16mm, or 8mm and 16mm film at once.

Set of delivery
1. The canister
2. Threaded ring
3. The bush
4. Manual instruction

Extension tubes for Kiev-60, 6C (pair, 35 and 40mm)

Battery adapters old-style Kiev-60 and 88
2x Teleconverter (Internal lens is removable and serves as an extension tube)

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