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Welcome on Contacts page - therefore You´re interested in acquisition of any item listed on this site - cameras, lenses, cinecameras, accessories or any photoequipment related to Russian and Soviet cameras, or just want to contact me.

My E-Mail address:

Drop here all your questions and mail.

Order and payment terms & conditions

- Trading is done only on conditions of 100 % prepayment;

- Minimum order - 50 $ +shipping;

- We use post offices for international delivery;

- Dispatch is made from the moment of money transfer;

General order and delivery arrangement

You apply for acquisition of camera or any item by mail, we back up this item and wait for 5 days until you transfer money.

Before we back up items of you choice, we test it's functionability. All items intended for sale, pass mandatory quality control.

If during above-stated term (5 days) you do not confirm payment by transferring money into our bank account, items are removed from backup. For prolongation of payment operation it is necessary to contact us by mail or phone.

After money transfer we deliver items to you.

Time of delivery depends on destination. (shipping from Ukraine)

How to make the application
The application for acquisition of cameras or any other camera equipment can be done by any of following ways:

1.   Call us   +38067 7476451 (Russian)

2.   Drop us a letter (any language) at containing following information:
       - e-mail address for reply
      - postal index / city / shipping address
      - name
      - order

3.   Use a form above on this page

If there's no answer within 24-48 hours  send your request again. Probably some mail servers didn't do their best :)

Attention! In a case, when the items, interesting you, are temporary not available, or are extremely rare, you can also make order and we'll notify you, when these photogoods are expected available.


We use post offices for international Air-mail delivery. It's a little bit more expensive, but is much faster, more convenient, and most important - more secure for the cameras.

Business mail:

I appreciate my clients.

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