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History of Soviet camera

20.03.2006 >    ...Starting 1950 good producing of FEDs were a result of good worknmanship and equipment.
Before the WWII was forgotten, once more engeneers wanted to improve FED-1 (prototype). But Moscow wanted them to continue "Social competition" - so workers continued producing them.    read more >>>

09.03.2006 >    Several hundred bodies were made in BERDSK during the war from pieces taken when they evacuated and arrived at the "second safety zone" .
There are variations in a name
(possible idfferences in shutter speed wheel).    read more >>>

03.03.2006 >    Rectangular viewing window as in FED types with ridge on top of the viewfinder. Appearance of the printing belonging to NKVD of Ukraine...    read more >>>

20.02.2006 >
     26 October 1932, 3 FEDs produced.
     1933, 30 produced.
Exact copies of the Leica 1a "Leica-1a".
No other specimens reappeared ever.    read more >>>

28.11.2005 >   The story of the firm producing photographic cameras, FED, is closely linked to that of one man, Anton S. Makarenko, a teacher, poet and writer (1888 -1939). The history of the FED working commune is in fact a summary of the post Bolshevik revolution years in the USSR.    read more >>>

26.11.2005 >    The first 35mm cases with a 39 screw mount assembled in Moscow at 1947 - 1948, are FED's. In the spirit of Soviet photography, the "local Leica" was called FED, so the name FED vas engraved on the camera above the KMZ logo.
At the beginning of 1948 the engraving had the name ZORKI added to it.
A new great copy of the Leica was born.    read more >>>

24.11.2005 >    February 1942 is the official year of birth of the KMZ factory.
It was actually 1941 that saw the beginning of what was to become one of the worlds most important manufacturing, units of optical mechanical equipment.    read more >>>

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