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FED Original

26 October 1932, 3 produced.

1933, 30 produced.
Exact copies of the Leica 1a "Leica-1a".
No other specimens reappeared ever.

Factory used 3 prorotypes to produce 30, cases of the "pre-series", and then with the FED 1 a further development of 8 models, the resemblance with the Leica did not stop only at the shape.

FED-1 "Fedka"

FED-1. January 1934.
First series (approx.30 bodies).
35mm, 24x36 rangefinder.
Copy of Leica (Leitz).
Anastigmatic lens Industar-10, copy of the Elmar

Usually called "Fedka"

Since the very beginning, more than 700.000 FEDs were produced.
Produced 1934-1941 and 1946-1955.

Produced in sequence from beginning of 1934 . Eight FED models, 4 before the war, and 4 after, can be identified by the printing on the top.
These cameras were produced in small quantities and are very rare.
Some of them are exxtremely rare.

Description of these models, the details and transition and variations are given here.

(Photos of cameras without serial numbers are given by other friendly sites).
(Cameras WITH serial number are in this site and are given to your consideration. Read here.)

"FED-1, 1934-1935.
Numbers 031 - 6000
Plus, some between 6000 and 7500 .)


Top and viewing glass type "Leica II".
Speeds wheel, Z-20-500 put into a small depression.
Viewfinder of rangefinder green (sometimes blue) and rangefinder pink to produce a better contrast.
Rangefinder viewer rectangular with rounded corners.
Finely grooved wind and rewind button.

-1- The first models had a higher top and finer cover.
-2- Finished in black.
-3- Finished in black, parts in "galvanised" chrome, serial numbers 1400 to 1800, then 3400 - 4600 (end of the stock).
( There's no exact numbers)
-4- Some models had a shutter in green linen.

Just as at Leitz, with the Leica III, at the request of the special press and the users, FED was studying a proposal (1938) two models with lighter lens, faster shutter, also slower speeds. These optical and technical evolutions were made by L. A. Brouk and D. M. Krivorotchenko.

FED-S 1938-1941 (163981)


Perhaps less than 2,000 produced.
Identical to the FED Type 1 c and 1 D, but with maximum speed of 1/1000s.

Lenses "FED f:3,5/50mm "("Industar-10") and "FED f:2/50mm" ("Industar-10").

FED-V. 1938 . . . . . .

Identical to FED type-1c, but with slow speeds (like Zorki-3) and 1 /1000s, it was a copy of the Leica IIIa of 1335.
Delivered also with f2/50mm.
Reputed to only have 40 models made.

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