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FED history (part 1)
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( The engraving is in upright characters and the name cursive)

Produced 1935-1937.
Some information shows numbers from N6000 to N55000

Rectangular viewing window as in FED types with ridge on top of the viewfinder.
Appearance of the printing belonging to NKVD of Ukraine.

Speed wheel made without depressor.
Ridged control buttons more crude.

-1- (Beginning of series): Identical ID 1a with 1b printing.
-2- Several covers, sometimes grey-green.
-3- Personalised printing on the bass (existing also on 1c and 1d) (Like 27083 )

From 1937 the production of the FED was regularized, the "communards" had mastered the techniques, and the appearance of the FED improved.
Only the position of the lens controls stayed irregular.

   "FED NKVD USSR" 68377
   "FED NKVD USSR" 68377

"FED-1c" produced 1937-1939.

Numbers 55,000 to 125,000
At the and of 1938 80,000 produced, in june - 100,000 "FED" produced.
         On the top the speed cylinder gear has corners as on the "Leica III".

The shoe lost its back pin.
Triangular evolution of the rangefinder cam.
Fixing pin on the base larger (about 80,000 produced)

The FED could take a large range of lenses and accessories:

Different lenses:
4.5/28mm + viewfinder.
6.3/100mm (the prototype is f:5.9/100mm) + viewfinder.

Cornered viewfinder, sports viewfinder 28 - 100mm, self-timer, pocket tripod, charger, cells, filters, additional lenses, sun visor magnifier to examine negatives, developing tanks. ( For available accessories click here)

"FED- 1d". Produced 1939-august 1941.

   "FED NKVD USSR" 143336
"FED NKVD USSR" 143336
Numbers 125,000 to174,000-l80,000.

Ukraine lost Independence. The inscription USSR instead of UkSSR reflects these changes.

Expected for 1941,40,000 FED.
Nevertheless in June 27,000 were made.
It is most probable that several hundred FEDs remained unfinished when they evacuated.

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