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FED Berdsk

"FED-1d" 1942-1945.

"FED Berdsk" 178340

Numbers 174,000 to 178,000 .
Several hundred bodies were made in BERDSK during the war from pieces taken when they evacuated and arrived at the "second safety zone" .

There are variations in a name (possible idfferences in shutter speed wheel). See photos.

   "FED Berdsk" 178340

"FED Berdsk"  178340 , It's variations and a disctintive feature that resambles earlier series (1933-34, FED-1a). See pictures on the bottom of the boby.

In June 1945 the FED factory situated in Berdsk received the order to recommence the manufacture of photographic cameras.

         There were still some original "communards" of the male personnel from the evacuated FED factory, although the production equipment was "lost" in secret city somewhere in Siberia.

   "FED Berdsk" 178340

         It was the spare parts of the FED which they then assembled with the experience of several old workers, and an extraordinary desire to rebuild the equipment. There with very difficult technical conditions but with moral 'steel' the first new FED reappeared.

   "FED Berdsk" 178340

FED type - 1e, "Berdsk" 1946.

Numbers from 174,000 to 180,000 (probably more)

"FED Berdsk " 181494

Built in Siberia in the first quarter of 1946, some 1,000 specimens were built in part with the rest of the evacuated pieces.
The numbering is probably fanciful, lots of hoods or tops already pressed and printed before the war were perhaps used.

"FED Berdsk" 181494
"FED Berdsk "181494


Produced on the factory of F.E. Dzerjinskyi in Charkov, 1948.

Numbers from 200,000 to 201,800
1,800 bodies produced.
Identical to FED-1. but the movement buttons and the rewinding gear are more finely printed (like FED-1a).

Recovered with a finer grain, base with apparent screws as pre-war models. Medium quality finish.
Shutter carriage in bronze not aluminium.
Lens is coated.
Printed initials NKAP.

Became an independent factory (extricated from power of ex NKVD), FED retained its links with the Ministry of the Aeronautical Industry under whose orders they worked during the war .

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