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Starting 1950 good producing of FEDs were a result of good worknmanship and equipment.

Before the WWII was forgotten, once more engeneers wanted to improve FED-1 (prototype). But Moscow wanted them to continue "Social competition" - so workers continued producing them.

FED type 1f. Produced 1949-1953

series 201,800 to 400,000
FED 383010
FED 383010

Identical to the FED type 1e, continually improving definition.

The chrome is more bright, the releases flat, chrome and without engraving.

The new sign FED in curved form on the top.

The coated lens is protected by a bakelite cap, copy as that of the Leica, and receives the new stops for apertures: 3.5-4.5-8-11-16.

FED type 1g. Produced 1954-1955

FED 617676

Numbers from 400,000 to 800,000

Identical to the FED Type-1f but with shutter to 1/25th.
The button is designed to receive a standard flexible cable release. (See photo)
On the top only the sign FED is printed. The number was on the back of the body.

Produced 500-550,000 bodies (end of 1954).
Looks like Zorki, where there's only ONE iscription and series number.
The numbers of the lenses, printer until now on the back of the focusing ring, now printed on the front. .

FED 617676
FED 617676
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