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The first 35mm cases with a 39 screw mount assembled in Moscow, at the end of 1947, beginning of 1948, with the collaboration of engineers seconded from FED, are FED's. During those years, in the spirit of Soviet photography, the local Leica was called FED, so not wishing to usurp deliberately, the name FED vas engraved on the camera above the KMZ logo. However, Gavrilov's team made rapid progress on the camera and right at the beginning of 1948 the engraving had the name ZORKI added to it. A new great copy of the Leica was born.

FED-KMZ 1948
Designer: N. A. Gavrilov.
Pilot production of the FED-ZORKI. The first FED cameras assembled in Krasnogorsk. The shutter has a maximum speed of 1/1000 sec.

About 5,500 copies were made
Production started still using original FED parts. Gradually the sub-sets are made in Krasnogorsk. The same goes for the lenses for within a few months the BK and ZK lenses of Zeis origin have been used up and replaced by ones made locally. On these lenses the engraving ZORKI comes before the KMZ sign.

K30 - The case is a FED-1 type-d, same covering, same mat chromium plated finish, same interior finish.

The lens (K330) is an lndustar-22 FED with the N stuck on the back of the focusing ring "like the FED".

The front is made of aluminium engraved with "Moscow" and the KMZ sign. The lens is uncoated, the apertures standardised, the finish mediocre.

K40 - The cases already foreshadows the ZORKI with its "grain of rice" covering, a finer chrome plating and the base plate of the shutter is painted. Finer engravings on the speed dial.

The lens 2/5cm -1948 is a ZK (Sonnar-Krasnogorsk) telescopic aluminium mount. (K500)

K45 - The case resembles that of the ZORKI, shiny chrome, a better finish.

The lens (K340) is a coated lndustar-22, with the KMZ logo on the front. Is on the back like K330, but engraved.

K31 - K41 - K46 / With 1/1000 sec.
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