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Here you can find a list of our favorite sites, in some way connected with Russian and Soviet antique cameras, lenses and accessories or with any other camera and photo goods collecting.

All sites are listed in order they were submitted

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Alpa Reflex Cameras from Switzerland
http://araxfoto.comRussian medium format cameras, lenses and accessories. Complete services for all types of KIEV cameras. You are welcome!
Club and Resource for Antique Camera Collectors and Photographers. Contains collectable and classic camera references, photographica history, a photography related only links, web search engine, bulletin board, shows and events calendar, camera and photo galleries
Bill Riley's Photica Project Web site is dedicated to providing information on collecting photographica
BPW Limited Photographic Equipment. Collectable cameras, lenses, accessories and other photo related items.
Information and resource site for Kiev users everywhere.
Rick's Page ...
Cameras & Things
It's mostly camera stuff, including pages on camera repair, my collection of a little over a hundred cameras, articles on camera design, and a few photographs and things. If you get tired of cameras, there are some other Interesting Old Things there too
Bruce Feist's Camera CollectionBruce Feist's Camera Collection (emphasis on Russian and Soviet cameras)
Michael ButkusManual Instructions
Tigers LairRussian Cameras, Amateurphotography. Have Sniper, Will Travel
Almaz camera by LOMOManual on Almaz-102 and Almaz-103. Some info about rare russian PK-lenses. Russian site
Ken Lyndrups
collection of photo-curios
My collection of Cameras, Chinecameras, Projectors, Accessories and Links
Antique & Classic Camera Web SiteOne of the largest Antique & Classic Camera Sites on the Net. Started in 1996...enjoy links, photos, books and MORE !
Stephen Rothery
Soviet Camera Collection
I am apparently an avid yet skinflintish camera collector who has a penchant for Eastern European cameras
Marco Pauck's Web SitePersonal photography, equipment, gallery and more
CamCharmCollects, buys, sells and swaps. This is a collection from over the 300 items and a photo gallery. Cameras, lenses, slideprojectors, filmprojectors, exposuremeters, old foto`s and movies
LOMO graphicfeat. LOMO smena 8M
 A complete information guide to digital camerasA complete information guide to digital cameras. News, reviews and where to get the best deals online
Sala EnsaiosAuthor photographys, Project room
Health Directory, Information, Links and
Health Directory, Information, Links and more
Cheap-Buy-Sell.ComBuy&Sell online shopping directory
RafCameraRussian still image and movie cameras, lenses, accessories, manuals
Flag DirectoryYour one-stop destination for anything you can think about flag. This Flag Directory designed to help its users find the flag information, source, companies, products and services.
TKR2New site and forum for Russian, Ukranian, and Eastern-Block photography equipment
Lomgraphy in RussiaLomography galleries, forums, internet-shop
Online shopping directory. Tips and articles about safe online shopping and fraud protection.
Everything about old cameras - and Photo Porst - "the worlds biggest photo-house" - Lots of camera-technology details and descriptions from Photo Porst catalogues
Precious Moments HQPrecious Moments HQ: categorized resource directory for everything about precious moments.
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