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Hi! My name is Valdis and I live in Ukraine. I am not very old, in any case, not like my Fatherland and my beautiful Rivne town. There's nothing outstanding in my life, except for education, given to me by my beloved Parents. They also build up that base, which supports me in my everyday life, giving me strength and faith. I finished art school, have a higher education, has gone through inflations and perestroika. I like scubadiving, fishing, sport activity.

In people I appreciate intelligence, decency and respect for other people's affairs and thoughts.

From early childhood I liked to search, to find and to collect.

As often happens, it all started from ancient coin I have found on my Granny's garden. Such moments are just impossible to forget. I remember this moment as if it is happening now. I clearly remember everything on that copper Polish coin.

My lens collection It was that unforgetable moment of my life, which has given an impulse to collecting. At the beginning it was coin collecting, stamps, stickers, and then comes that precious moment, when you have to review all your activity, and after this... you decide.

It has been long time since I started to collect cameras of the era of Soviet photoindustry development and production. I'm interested in the path and fruits of its development. One may find many interesting and even thrilling things and facts exploring Russian cameras' history. Sure, this development has its ups and downs. But all the things in any way connected with camera collecting are very interesting for me.

The man is genious in the tendency to self-perfection. So I am also anxious to learn, to see, to comprehend much. But all of us know, that knowing everything is not possible. You have to find out which activity or hobby would be the most exciting for you and then explore this to get some knowledge and enjoy exploring itself.

So, I wish you luck and answer those of your questions, that are still not answered.

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